To those who forget ID&PWD of Web Class

発行元 : システム管理者
発行日 : 2017/12/14 11:39 by 管理者3

For Students & Faculty & Staff of TMDU.

Most of users can access to Web Class with tougouID.
We have distributed tougouID paper with a blue envelop.
If you realize your own tougouID,please try to login with it.
When you try to login Web Class with your correct tougou ID but still not working,
please inquire the way below.

《by e-mail》
Subject :{unknown for ID/PWD of Webclass}
Necessary info・name・student/staff number ・belonging・occupation category
To: ithelp@ml.tmd.ac.jp
※Returning e-mail might be written in Japanese. if so ask translation to someone
who understand Japanese. Thank you.